It’s not even that cold out, idiot

Guys can be really obnoxious and idiotic when they are going through puberty and getting horny.

I was dating a guy in high school for about more than five or six weeks. The people I was with and I decided to go on a fun and relaxed ski trip for the weekend, although I insisted that the lot of us rent a place with separate rooms. I did not want to get pressured in any way to do anything except have a really nice time throughout the fun, outdoor weekend. My boyfriend and I drove up to the mountains and I was feeling really impressed by the nice place that he rented until things got weird. It was a small and cute cottage on the side of a steep mountain. There was a gas furnace in the cottage and a small fireplace crammed in the middle of the residing room. My boyfriend and I just spent most of the day snowboarding at the ski cottage. When the people I was with and I returned back there in the night, I hopped in the shower to warm up. When I came out of the shower, I noticed that it was starting to get colder inside. My boyfriend got in the shower next, and unfortunately by the time he came out, it was almost outdoor temperatures inside of the cottage. I asked him to check on that heat and he promptly told me that the furnace was broken and we’d better sleep in the same bed to stay warm. As soon as he mentioned sleeping in the same bed, I started to approach the control unit. Suddenly, my ex-boyfriend admitted that he turned it off. We both left to go home an hour later.

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You have bigger problems on your hands

As an Heating and A/C specialist, I find surprisingly often that pests are the problem with supposedly broken heating and equipment. I have honestly seen rodents eat all the way through electrical wires and run through disfigured ductwork Beyond repair. I have seen a swarm of bees and hornets nests inside of outdoor A/C units and air exchanges. I have seen ants make a nest inside of heating implements and I have seen a family of mice sleeping behind an AC condenser. Still, nothing prepared me for what occurred last week. I was going to work on an A/C noise complaint. The customer claimed that she could hear a mechanic squeaking sound coming from behind the A/C unit. Sometimes in this line of work that can be a sign of belts that are wearing too thin or parts that need to be oiled or linked. When I took the outdoor A/C component apart, I was flabbergasted, instead, to see a huge mouse infestation. They scattered in all ways, including back into the ductwork overhead. After that, the mice had access to most of the ductwork in the attic and the rest of the house. I have carefully placed the cover back on the A/C component and calmly told the customer that she needed to call an exterminator. It’s not going to be easy to job with a hundred disease infested little critters running around our workspace under our feet. Once the mice are gone, I told her, the A/C noise may even disappear.

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I’ll give it another hour and then I’m going home

I was the only 1 undoubtedly working in the office on this past holiday weekend.

I went to finish the end of the month paperwork for the billing department before the next work week started.

I was only planning on spending a couple of hours finishing things up in the office, so I told our guy that I would probably be home for brunch, and everything was going as planned to stay on track, until the A/C stopped undoubtedly working. I did not notice any cold air coming out of the ductwork all of a sudden. I thought it was just 1 vent over my desk, although I walked carefully around the office and I did not experience cold air anywhere. The control component was running and I could surely hear the A/C undoubtedly working. Too bad, the only thing coming out of the duct where it was a powerful stream of sizzling air. I did not want to contact our boss, because it was a holiday weekend. I did not feel as if I had a choice, so I picked up my good old iPhone and dialed his number. I called and left a message, but I still did not receive a response after an additional 30 minutes of waiting, so I decided to stop working and go home to my AC. ItThe temperature in the office was only getting warmer and warmer. I continued to call our boss throughout most of the day and he did not call me back. When I saw him in the office on Tuesday, he looked miserably hot.



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I’m glad we can move the AC around

During the summertime weather, the unpleasant outdoor temperatures are usually around 100 degrees with 100 percent humidity resulting in a massive thunderstorm every day.

It is entirely hot and humid and pretty much everyone who lives in the area.

So everyone has A/C components in their home. It’s nearly impossible to functionally survive the heat and humidity totally separate from the aid of cool air at some point. There are some good ways to stay cool if you do not have any working cooling power. A wet towel on the back of the neck can often bring the elevated body temperature down by a few degrees, you can also make your own cooling system with a wet towel on the front of a fan. The air blowing through the cold and wet towel will be much colder… Sometimes there is still nothing that makes the sizzling indoor air better. My fiance and I have a treenew home in the backyard, in a massive oak tree for the grandchildren. Unluckily, it’s often too sizzling outside for the youngsters to regularly stay up there and play. My fiance and I thought about the cooling problem and the people I was with and I decided to finally buy a portable AC to keep in the treehouse. The people I was with and I built a very small hook to place the portable AC whenever the people I was with and I want to go off and use it in the treehouse. When the youngsters go home, our fiance and I simply remove the AC safely and store it in the garage until the next time. With the brutal sunshine, the temperatures can really fluctuate. Having a small AC in that space is really helpful.
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I will provide beer for labor

When our Grandfather died, he had a seasoned shed full of items like automobile parts, seasoned signs, bicycles, and tools.

No 1 in our family wanted to clean out the shed.

I provided the option to do the task if I could keep anything that I found. None of the older members of our family argued about that deal. So, my friends and I grabbed a keg full of our favorite beer last weekend and headed over to the shed. The thirsty people I was with and I put the keg of beer in a huge trough and filled it to the brim with ice. I knew it was going to be a long day and I wanted to be well prepared for anything. I knew that our friends would require ice cold beer on standby if they were going to walk around in that dusty, dingy, and dangerous place for me. I started throwing things in 1 formidable pile that were junk and the people I was with and I made another distant pile with items that could have some value or purpose. Most items were rusty, broken, or ancient. I was really intrigued by a seasoned oil furnace that our Grandfather hid in the back. I haven’t taken the antique oil furnace to an appraiser, and I’m not sure if it works well or not. It could be junk. I will find out a little bit about seasoned machines and diagnose the heater myself. I’m going to spend most of next weekend trying to find heating parts to get the item to work. If the oil furnace still effectively heats up, then it will undoubtedly be worth a lot more money.

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I think we’ll get more attention

Every two or three weeks, my wifey plus I acquired a free apartment magazine in the mail.

Normally we throw it out, because we don’t need any help that they offer.

The magazine is filled with advertisements from companies and services in the area such as security alarm businesses, roofers, plus residential plumbers. I have never displayed in this magazine, however to be fair, I know a lot of my competitors do. In the Heating plus A/C industry around here, there are usually multiple businesses in the area. Coupons, therefore, are meant to help draw brand new customers into the doors, instead of your competitors. Unluckily, it can be truly expensive to advertise in these magazines and printed ads. Until this week, I never looked in on any of the advertising prices. When I acquired the free magazine in the mail, I just so happened to have saw a large neon colored sticker on the back of the booklet. The little magazine was going to offer half-price advertising in the next multiple months of publications. I spoke with my wifey about the cheap opportunity to advertise with full sized ads in this magazine. My wifey agreed that it was undoubtedly a truly great idea for new business. I contacted the advertising staff at the magazine plus talked to them about my HVAC company, prices plus page space. I suddenly realized that it was not as expensive to regularly advertise as I anticipated. Even without a significant discount, I think it will give us a great medium to target our customers. We are going to situate a 30% off coupon in the advertisement, so then all of our Heating plus A/C customers can feel better about the job and save just by mentioning the magazine ad.

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One more website under my belt

On Wednesday, I acquired a call from a local oil furnace service dealer.

They are apparently looking for someone to make a website for their small oil furnace service business in their small town. They do not have any online presents at all right now, plus they didn’t actually know what they needed to improve online interactions. I met with the owner of the oil furnace service company one on one on Monday. We discussed a lot of details. We decided to create a 3 page website right now. We’re going to start off super small plus build from that if he wants to down the line. I do not want to overwhelm the customers with a lot of SEO questions or PPC nonsense. The oil furnace service company doesn’t have a lot of currency to go out and spend right now, plus they seem to be tied up enough without any specialized Internet advertising. I’m excited to get started on the project, which is set to begin next week. I am going to custom build a new home page and logo for the heating service dealer. I already have a few ideas plus I am easily drawing up a couple of ideas to send over to the company owner first thing tomorrow. This is the first time that I have been hired to work on an air quality control and dealership website. It’s also the first time that I have created a web presence for a local business. UI want it to go well, and I hope the local oil furnace service company is truly ecstatic with the eventual results, because I would like to feature them on the front page of my own SEO website.

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This isn’t a skill I wanted to learn

My best neighbor Joe plus I have been working for the same Heating plus A/C company in the middle of town or the past multiple years, however recently, the company changed everything when they decided to offer extra sales commissions on items that we upsell on-site to our customers.

Unluckily, a lot of Heating plus A/C servicemen truly have no interest in being a Salesman – that’s why they are repair men, instead.

I do not like talking to people plus a lot of coworkers feel the same way. Our Heating plus A/C company hired a company sales consultant to come to the company on a Saturday plus hold a special seminar for us to promote sales techniques, and of course I did not want to spend our Saturday morning hanging wastefully in the Heating plus A/C shop. I surely gained a lot of information from the sales plus company seminar, however in the end, I do not believe it will translate into more dollars on my paycheck every day. By the time I get to a customer’s lake house plus figure out the massive concern with their Heating plus A/C unit, the only reason they called me there, well, the last thing I am thinking about is trying to sell them something else to make more cash. Most customers cannot afford to buy all of the items already necessary to service or replace their heating or cooling equipment safely. Asking them to spend more currency on something that might not actually be necessary is not the reason why Joe plus I got into the business. I’m sure some of our money hungry friends plus coworkers will be able to sell a lot of extras, but Joe plus I are just going to concentrate on trying to be the best service technicians that we can.


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We baked our hearts our for AC

My family plus I moved to this state multiple years ago.

We started going to a local church as soon as we got there, where we were accepted by all of our friends plus neighbors.

We quickly became truly involved in the church activities. All of our children currently attend Bible lesson classes on Monday evening. My wifey plus I use the time to volunteer our services in the soup kitchen. Last week, the A/C located in the basement of the church stopped now working. All of kids’ the Bible classes are located in the basement, where it gets humid and muggy. I’m not surprised that the A/C stopped now working, because I really think it’s about 15 or 20 years old. I used to work for a heating plus A/C service company long before my wifey plus I moved into this town and I took a new job. I offered my expertise plus expertise on the cooling system subject. I knew the A/C was beyond service plus I recommended to everyone that the church members start looking for a supplier to help make the cooling plan switch. We had a fundraiser over the weekend to help raise enough currency for the new A/C unit. My wifey plus I baked our hearts out, and every item in the bake sale sold in less than 10 minutes. I believe everyone had a lot of fun at the event, plus I know we are so much closer to being able to buy the updated cooling device for our classrooms. We will have a new A/C in no time.

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That customer isn’t calling back

Last week was Fool’s Day plus everyone in the office was in a good mood, for sure. We always play a few jokes on each other, but this past year was a little bit different. I am the office manager for a particularly large Heating plus A/C service center. My office is located right inside of the largest branch of our Heating plus A/C service dealer. At any random time you walk through the doors, there are usually 10 or 20 employees now working dedicatedly inside of the building. I am the only person that honestly works in the accounting department, but there are multiple people that work in the same office. Normally, it’s a great environment, but last year for May Fool’s Day, someone took all of the pens out of the office and really blew it. When I arrived at work in the morning, the phone was already ringing so I ran in and grabbed it. Someone wanted to schedule an Heating plus A/C service appointment at their home for that morning. I looked for a pencil in the cup next to my desk. There wasn’t a single pen, pencil, or even a thin tipped marker in the cup. I knew that was odd plus I couldn’t find one anywhere else in the entire desk. As I frantically searched, the caller on the line was getting angry. I could hear a few people laughing in the other room. I finally put the call on hold plus ran into the other office. My friends were resting there with a box full of pens. I grabbed one and attempted to finish the HVAC repair call, but the customer had hung up.

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