A good guy to have help you

Let me tell you, it unquestionably pays to surround yourself with handy people, then as a full grown male, I try to choose my friends based on their cumulative capabilities in life and their identifiable abilities as humans. I’m not interested in being friends or lovers with somebody who sits around and plays video games all afternoon. I don’t want to surround myself with people who have never experienced hard times or real world problems. I’m not impressed with humans who rely on Mom and Dad to solve all of their concerns. I want to be with people who understand how life works out and have the know-how to practically service real-world troubles! That’s why I especially love my bestie, and he’s a super handy, simple minded human being, and he saves us all the time, but recently, I was complaining about my terrific seasonal pollen irritations. The outdoor air has become contaminated with loads of pollen and dust in the modern season. It’s gotten so bad with my pollen irritations that I truly cannot get out of bed some mornings, and my respiratory method is so inflamed and screwed up that I am short of breath from laying up. When I start to cough, I cannot stop. I get light-headed and nearly pass out thanks to the poor air quality and terrible airborne contamination. It’s gotten so bad that I have been locked in the house, at the mercy of my airmedia purification system, and luckily, my kid would not stand for this. He has obtained some HEPA air filters from the local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C dealership and got to work. With his practical expertise and handy skills, he managed to retrofit a HEPA air filter into my car one afternoon, but for proof of concept, the two of us made our way through a local forest and took notes on my respiratory health, but now, I guess that I can leave the condo for short periods of time thanks to my improved air quality and my boy.

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