Always Read Your Heating plus Air Conditioning Warranty

The plan of paying dearly for what could be considered minor mistakes is an absolutely difficult one for myself and others to swallow.

It’s not the failure so much that I can’t stand.

It’s the disproportionate number that are easy stupid mistake in both money plus emotion. Failure is the ultimate mentor plus I firmly suppose this idea. However, I just absolutely hate it when it costs a ton of money. Shallow as that might seem, I feel it’s the truth. Setbacks come with living life but, I have recently experienced small mistakes that cost myself and others big. It all started with the Heating plus Air Conditioning. I absolutely was not intending to dismantle it but, that’s what ended up happening. What’s worse is the fact that I never study the Heating plus Air Conditioning warranty to understand what all was covered. I just figured it was a warranty plus it would cover any kind of manufacturing flaws or defects. Come to find out, Heating plus Air Conditioning warranties are pretty particular about the “do’s + don’ts” while owning the heating plus cooling unit. My furnace shut down due to a switch failing. I am not the Heating plus Air Conditioning tech but, I could see where the switch had gone bad. So, I decided I would just replace it before calling for an Heating plus Air Conditioning service visit. This up-to-date part fit plus the furnace fired up. However, it failed catastrophically within 3 nights. This part I used was not a manufacturer approved part. Not only do I have a totally dead furnace although I now have the joy of replacing it on our dime. So, take it from me, be sure to thoroughly review your Heating plus Air Conditioning warranty paperwork plus only let certified professionals job on it.

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