My thermostat “cool on” is blinking

Once he arrived, he came up plus stated that the thermostat just needed to be replaced

Early December in the Southwest is usually cool plus mild, but this year we’ve had some unseasonably humid plus hot weather, unblessedly I’ve had to shut up our house plus reluctantly turn on our central air conditioner just to cool myself plus our family off. I noticed 1 night that the thermostat had the “Cool On” light steadily blinking, also the air was not kicking on the way that it normally did. I rent our home, so I instantly reached out to our landlord to let him think that there seemed to be a major problem with the air conditioner, however he hasn’t been the most responsive to our concerns in the past, so I was really hoping that he would get back to myself and others in a more timely fashion. Finally I got a call back from him the next day asking what exactly was going down, plus I told him what I was seeing on the thermostat plus the fact that the air was not working respectfully at all; the temperature on the thermostat was set to 68 plus the actual temperature at the apartment was studying as 76. Of course his first “solution” to the issue was to replace the AA batteries in the thermostat, to which I replied that I had already done that. He then said he would come up to the apartment later in the day to take a look at everything. Once he arrived, he came up plus stated that the thermostat just needed to be replaced. I sleepily tried to explain that I had already run through any plus all potential concerns that were probably related to the thermostat, plus that the issue was greater than that. Eventually every one of us agreed on bringing the HVAC company again for further assistance.

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Rooftop air condensers have some great benefits.

The fan always seems to run plus make a whole world of noise, plus you always have to worry about how long the A/C idea runs plus how it will effect your energy bills.

Living in a fifth floor of my condominium complex comes with its share of pros plus cons, but for myself mostly it has been a very positive experience. I have the luxury of living in a building that is solid concrete blocks, so I almost never hear any of our neighbors. One of the greatest benefits for me, though, has been that I do not have a noisy air conditioner handler inside of the condo unit, so you never really realize how much noise an a/c, even with it being central, actually makes until you live separate from 1 in your home. The fan always seems to run plus make a whole world of noise, plus you always have to worry about how long the A/C idea runs plus how it will effect your energy bills. I l received that having all of our units’ A/C condensers on the roof of the condo building was an investment on behalf of the association, plus it really has paid off handsomely in terms of all of the renters saving on our bi-weekly heating plus cooling bills. Both of us didn’t know that by installing these types of HVAC units on the roof of the building would honestly result in those systems not needing to work as hard, thus saving us all currency in the long run. It also made it so much easier for our local HVAC company to come out plus repair the units, because then they were not having to look around in weird arenas to find where an issue was coming from. This issue alone was enough of a benefit due to having all parts in 1 small arena for both us as owners plus for the HVAC corporation.


Rooftop air condensers have some great benefits.

I am loving these blackout curtains at home.

I have been living in a 1940’s A-frame house in the Midwest for numerous years, plus while it is a visually appealing home, I have spent a few brutally cold winters lamenting the fact that our heat leaks out from the endless cracks plus crannies in this seasoned house.

I’ve tried all of the weird ways to help further insulate this apartment in order to retain heat, but I cannot seem to address every single space where the heat is escaping.

Finally I reached our wits end in trying to repair this problem, plus I asked our sibling what his solutions were in fixing the same issues at his house in the Northeast. Surprisingly, he told myself and others that black out curtains that are out there to darken rooms were the solution to his ongoing problem with heat escaping in the Winter time months. I was really skeptical that this would be the answer to our heating concerns, but I thought that there was no harm in at least trying after meeting failure after failure on our own. I went in to 1 of our local department stores to opportunity up a few sets of black out curtains, paid a hefty price for them, plus went on our way house to set them up. After putting them up in a couple of rooms throughout our house, I spent the next few hours walking around to see if I felt a big difference. I was incredibly surprised to recognize the warmth from our gas furnace was honestly circulating quickly through our apartment plus not leaking out! I could not believe that this easy solution was the answer to our annual heating woes, plus I am now a believer in using these to assist in maintaining our apartment hot plus toasty moving forward.


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Don’t try to re-duct with flex instead of metal.

I have been renting the same beach house for the last five years, plus while I have overall been blissful with the beach house itself plus the fantastic view, I’ve had continuing concerns with our HVAC system.

Not only does my A/C idea run constantly while in the summer season plus does not fully cool down to the temperature I set on the thermostat, but the air that is coming out of our vents is very musty.

I contacted our landlord several times to have them bring out the HVAC company that services this house, but it took him some time to take it seriously. Once the HVAC corporation came out plus went through the air ducts, he found that not only was it leaking, there was a considerable amount of microbial growth in it as well. Little did I think that the landlord had redone the air duct with the flexible plastic before I moved in, plus it had not been completed correctly. The HVAC corporation rep proposed a completely new air duct idea plus mold remediation, plus the landlord wanted to re-install the same flex product as before. I fiercely declined those type of air ducts, because clearly it had created an environment for mold to grow plus could not be cleaned out easily. I went back plus forth with our landlord regarding the new air ducts, plus I finally was able to get them to agree to the metal type air duct. I cited research plus studies regarding the strength plus ease of cleaning plus servicing the metal materials, plus they finally saw that it would be an investment in the long run. Once the new air ducts were installed, I found that I was breathing easier plus saved a pretty huge amount of currency on the electric bill since there was no leaks anymore.



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I’m glad we installed an electric fireplace.

Not only could every one of us complete this project on a D-I-Y basis, but it would be incredibly easy.

Every time that I drive up north to visit the family, I spend hours standing in front of our Grandmother’s electric fireplace to get hot. We’ve spent so many holidays gathered around the fireplace just telling stories and catching up with family, plus I’ve taken those memories with myself and others every time I drive back down to the South, to our home. I decided that I wanted to have our own fireplace, but separate from all of the hassle that comes with installing masonry Down here In the deep south every one of us do get cold snaps in the winter, plus it would be nice to have a little fireplace not just for the ambiance, but for the purpose of staying toasty on those chill Winter time evenings as well. My partner plus I disagreed for a while on the idea of buying an electric fireplace, but I finally won him over to the idea by letting him think how tight it would look in our high rise condo unit. Not only could every one of us complete this project on a D-I-Y basis, but it would be incredibly easy. One of the benefits to having an electric fireplace is that it would be a big help in heating the condo, but not cause an immense increase in our energy bill in lieu of using that instead of using our central gas furnace. I was very impressed to see that the fireplace heated up the home office where it was installed very quickly. Not only that, but I could also see the heat from the hallway across the condo. My partner plus I were both surprised that this worked as well as it did, plus every one of us were very blissful to have made the investment in installing this new fireplace.


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I think I’ll get a ductless mini cut a/c unit in my studio apartment.

When I first graduated from college plus started our career, our very 1st house was a tiny studio unit that had a seasoned, barely functioning window a/c unit; Since I knew that I would be living in this place for numerous years, I researched whether or not it would be worthwhile to install a better type of air conditioning unit.

While I didn’t have a ton of currency to spend, I wanted to get something that would last for a few more years plus allow myself and others to control our cooling settings easily.

After deciding that I really did not want to purchase another window a/c unit, I decided to invest in a mini-cut ductless a/c. This was a rather sizable investment for me, especially compared to the window a/c unit, but I found that it would provide myself and others the ability to both heat up plus cool down our apartment. I had to educate myself on what exactly a mini-cut ductless a/c was, plus the more literature that I read the more I was reaffirmed that this was the best option for our home. I elected to go with the single room, wall mounted unit, plus I had our local HVAC company send out a corporation rep to assist myself and others with the replacement. What satisfied myself and others the most about this new AC is that it is mounted on the wall in a very inconspicuous arena, plus it hardly makes any noise when the heating or cooling kicks on plus off. I’m very blissful that I made such a fantastic investment in our comfort plus am able to manage and control how hot or cool I want our studio to be.

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I finally started using a smart thermostat.

With all of the technological advances in this week’s world, I have been pretty slow in adopting certain things that would make our day to day life easier.

After struggling greatly with changing cooling bills over the last year, I have looked for all possible ways to save on our monthly energy costs, knowing that some of the cost is due to inflation is 1 thing, but I see a strong, steady increase in our energy costs as well. I decided to start researching the Nest equipment that is controlled through our wifi internet connection, plus it allows for myself and others to control the temps in our apartment is through an application on our cell phone or PC. With all of the technological advances in this week’s world, I have been pretty slow in adopting certain things that would make our day to day life easier. This time I told myself that I was going to jump in feet first to the world of wi-fi controlled thermostats. I spent time learning about how all the Nest equipment would work in our home, plus 1 of the selling points for myself and others was the idea that I could simply go on our cellphone plus adjust the temperature in our house when I am away on long company trips, and one of the other factors that flaunted heavily in our consideration of the Nest smart thermostat was the fact that it had numerous positive energy reviews, so that made myself and others recognize secure in our selection of the product. I also had read ratings from clients that purchased the Nest that claimed that they were able to recoup all the costs of installing a smart thermostat in the savings that they had in their energy costs! The replacement of my old equipment was incredibly easy, plus the directions clearly showed myself and others how to set up the online manager for the applications. After using it to reset our air conditioner’s temperatures throughout a day at work, I have to say that I’m totally sold on it!

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I had to build a fence around our air condenser.

I always like to take a weekend near the beginning of the Spring season to work on the landscapes around our yard.

One project includes clearing the space directly surrounding our air condenser, so I pull weeds plus get rid of any tree branches or debris.

This year I have decided that just for the sake of appearances, I would put up a nice fence around the condenser so that it is not as directly visible to all the neighbors… Noticing that most of the homes around mine have bushes or well trimmed hedges around their air condensers, I decided that a fence would provide a more polished plus a bit more professional look to our yard. Not only that, I distraught that having a bunch of dense plants around the equipment would possibly block the fan plus affect the way that the air flow is generated, plus even cause the condenser to stop functioning correctly. It is imperative that the air conditioner work effectively, as the summer time weeks will be closing in quickly plus I need the cool air flow through our home. After researching weird DIY fence options, I decided to put up a pale gray vinyl privacy fence that was flush against 1 of the exterior walls of our home… Fortunately for me this was a very simple project, which was perfect for myself and others since I am not very handy, but just to be on the safe side, I called our HVAC company plus had them send out our usual HVAC corporation to make sure that I had enough space around the condenser for air flow plus to also prevent debris. After he signed off on our work, I finally felt as if I had made our air condenser look pretty nice against our home.

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The AC in my Childhood house

Growing up in such a well-seasoned A-frame apartment with no central air conditioner or heating created a world of discomfort throughout the 4 seasons… Living through the summer time weeks with only a window unit a/c, though, was easily the worst of them all.

My sibling plus I would bicker and fight to get right in front of the a/c that sat in 1 of the home office windows while in the long, humid summertime afternoons, plus every one of us would press our faces close to the vents to even recognize the ice cold air streaming through, but while the afternoons would be tolerable, the long afternoons were incredibly uncomfortable because every one of us relied on that single wall unit to provide enough cold air to go throughout our small home. My parents room was closest to the a/c unit, so they got the bulk of the refreshing cold air that was pumped out by the wall unit during the night… Due to that, our sibling plus I would sneak into their room in the dead of night plus sleep on the floor so that every one of us could also recognize the appealingly fresh and cool air. Eventually our parents got sick of tripping over us at night plus decided to invest in adding a new window a/c to our home. By this time the newer plus higher quality a/cs were much stronger plus more efficient, so after it was installed on our sibling’s plus our side of the apartment every one of us could finally recognize a steady stream of cold air all day plus night! This goes to show that even if you do not have a central a/c unit, you could still achieve a fantastic level of comfortable air flow in your house with window mounted a/c units.

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Furnace replacement gone bad

1 of the very last things that a homeowner wants to have happen while in the first couple of weeks of the chilly weather season is having a gas furnace cut down; Even for those who religiously repair their HVAC equipment throughout the entire year, it can be difficult to account for all of the varied reasons why an idea breaks down or stops functioning effectively.

Even more frustrating is when it is a recently replaced gas furnace that breaks down. That is what happened to myself and others over this past fall, my trusty gas furnace of 30 years finally bit the dust, plus I had to have the new 1 replaced before the cold of Winter time set in, and after comparing plus contrasting all of the brands plus efficiency ratings, I settled on 1 plus contacted our local HVAC corporation to complete the replacement process, and prior to this heating replacement, I never had any concerns with our HVAC company, but that day when our new gas furnace was being installed seemed to go all wrong; I relied on their wisdom, comprehension plus advice in getting the heating system in correctly, but about two afternoons after it was installed, I started to notice some concerns. It felt love the air in the house was very damp, not dry plus hot love it should be in the Winter weeks, plus I also noticed that the gas furnace was not kicking on plus off love it should have been. After a couple additional afternoons of standing in the cold, I called our HVAC company plus asked that they send the corporation rep back out to be sure all was installed correctly. As it turned out, something wasn’t set up right plus that caused the gas furnace to malfunction. This taught myself and others a very lavish lesson in always keeping an eye on your heating system plus your a/c.

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