Be careful not to void the HVAC warranty

We had been planning for this day for well over a year.

Now, it had finally come.

The new HVAC unit was installed and HVAC comfort is at an all time high. This was the end result of more than a years worth of research. Not to mention that we did a whole lot of saving to make this happen as well. We were lucky to have that extra time in order to make this HVAC upgrade as smooth as it turned out to be. Thanks to our HVAC tech, we were able to have some time to start looking at new models and saving for the one we would choose. Without that heads up, we might have been caught off guard when the HVAC did ultimately fail. We also met with an HVAC contractor who found some spots where the ductwork would have to be replaced. Ultimately, this was a good thing as this will vastly increase the efficiency of our HVAC use. The next thing I know the HVAC people were here to install the new HVAC unit. Once the HVAC installation was complete, the lead tech went over all the aspects of our new HVAC unit. He showed us all the features and how best to save money when the summer heat hits. Our new HVAC unit also has a variable speed motor that will also increase the efficiency by a large amount. But, the HVAC tech implored me to make sure that I registered the warranty with the factory. If I didn’t do that within 90 days, the warranty would be void. I jumped right on it because I certainly don’t want to be that guy.
Smart HVAC

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