Deciding to become a personal trainer was a great decision for me

I’ve always made physical fitness a large part of my life’s success.

I was a little kid when I first got involved with all different sports.

I got interested in all aspects of training as well, and in school I studied sports science along with sports medicine. I took every available sport, and training related class! Post-graduation, I tried to find a job where I worked with an NFL team. Unfortunately, I also found that the field is severely competitive! Even trying to get an entry level job was near impossible. I finally found myself working at a single one of the largest gyms here, which happens to be part of a nationwide chain. I liked that the gym provided every imaginable style of equipment! Plus, there was every kind of class and amenity for the members. I didn’t know that there were so many folks and no opportunity for one-on-one assistance! I saw a rapid turnover rate of clients, and saw how folks were becoming discouraged by their lack of results. They were trying, but left to train on their own, so many people lacked the proper motivation. Some felt intimidated by so much equipment around them, and by the stronger clients around them. I first decided I wanted to be a personal trainer, and thought the transition would be fairly easy. I needed to get a few more certifications, and that was something I completed hastily, but I had to find work through one of the bigger gyms at first. I struggled to get hired, but I was once again fighting for a position in a truly demanding field. Once I finally did get hired, I still wasn’t free to handle clients as I saw fit! Once I had my own gym, I truly found my own passion as a personal trainer.



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