Don’t Forget, Half the Heating Equipment is Outside During the Wintertime

Wintertime is never altogether over where every one of us live.

Of course, the temps slowly begin to rise then the summer season comes.

However, if you are a native of this northern area, the Wintertime remains always on your mind. I suppose this has everything to do with the fact that as a homeowner you must be prepared or Wintertime will do damage. It is just a basic fact if you are living where the Wintertime lasts at least half the year. Top of mind is always the Heating plus Air Conditioning oil furnace or heater. This is the lifeline for anyone who lives up here. The Heating plus Air Conditioning heating has to be of superior quality, reliable plus well took care of. I have the Heating plus Air Conditioning pro come out twice a year to perform preventive service on the heating plus cooling system. That said, it is with special attention that the Heating plus Air Conditioning tech focuses on the heater or furnace. Post Wintertime is time to check all the parts to be sure replacements are made for those parts that have worn out over the long Wintertime. Then, the Heating plus Air Conditioning tech services the furnace very early in the fall prior to the long workload ahead due to Wintertime. However, with all this hyper focus on Wintertime plus Heating plus Air Conditioning, a single component often gets neglected. That would be the Heating plus Air Conditioning condenser cabinet on the outside of the house. While this is the air conditioning equipment, it still has to get through the Winters fury. Snow plus ice can do damage to vital parts in that cabinet. I am proactive in protecting the delicate half of the Heating plus Air Conditioning while in the Wintertime. I simply lock down a strenuous plastic cover over the Heating plus Air Conditioning cabinet so snow plus ice can just protect crucial parts.



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