Eyebrow threading is better than tweezing

For a little improvement in the arch of my eyebrows and to maintain them, I used to pluck with tweezers.

It was a horrible, painful and time-consuming ordeal.

When I was at the salon having my legs waxed, I complained over my eyebrow difficulties. The esthetician suggested that I try eyebrow threading. She explained that this technique originated in Asie centuries ago and is one of the least painful options for shaping the brows. I gave it a try and will never go back to my old ways. The threading process is really simple. The esthetician first wipes the area with alcohol and then uses a single piece of cotton thread that she twists and pulls. She uses it like a miniature lasso to lift the hair from the root. There are no chemicals and no tugging on the skin. Unlike tweezing, waxing or lasers, threading is more precise and far safer. The professional has very precision control over which hairs are removed and can create a more groomed appearance. For anyone with sensitive skin, threading is definitely the preferred brow-shaping technique. Even my dermatologist approved of it. Unlike using a pair of tweezers, threading doesn’t cause ingrown hairs and is safe for all skin types. Threading does a great job of shaping the brows and also removes the stubbles and peach fuzz-like growth that I’d normally miss. I have a standing appointment at the salon to have my eyebrows threaded every two weeks. I could probably go longer than that, but I like the neat and tidy look it gives me. Plus, the procedure isn’t all that expensive. I pay twenty dollars each time and get every fifth appointment free.



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