Finally working full time

am now working in a downtown office building; my boss was able to get the office section for a rather low rent, plus I know why, then even though the place is pretty darn big and unquestionably nice, the stupid Heating & A/C is a nightmare to live with! This is the worst office I have ever worked in, plus I entirely dislike it.

Even during the pandemic, my boss is making myself and others go into the office every single morning, plus I am miserable, the Heating & A/C never shuts off! It doesn’t matter what I set the control device on, the is always on… I mean, I have even turned the entire Heating & A/C device off, and it still comes on and sprays a/c straight down on my desk.

I am always cold, but across the lobby is my boss’s office, plus he is always hot, he sets his control device on 73, but it never gets right around 70 degrees in there, which is way too warm for him. Now that fall is here plus it is getting cooler outside, his office is finally cool enough for him, but the is still blasting down on my desk! I finally got online plus ordered myself a portable heater. The gas furnace has become an important thing! Occasionally I am so cold that my fingers can’t even work the keyboard. With that being said, I actually don’t love the plan of running the plus the gas furnace at the same time, as it is obviously wasteful, but I now consider the portable gas furnace to be a necessity in that silly office. Too awful I can’t just work from lake house every morning.

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