Having Improved Ventilation Vastly Improves My Garage

If I leave the garage door open for any length of time my man card will get pulled.

It would serve myself and others right as well I suppose.

The place has been a shambles for a long time. Up until last month, I would hardly set foot in there due to all noxious aroma mixing, festering, and fermenting in there. As I walk our cat, I see men who have pristine garages. Heck, there is a dude down the street even has Heating plus Air Conditioning treated air inside his garage. Now, to me that is the height of manliness I suppose. I want to be that guy who can open up their garage to do hip, handy projects for his home plus family. Unfortunately, I am no nice at being easily helpful around the house. I can barely change a tire. But, I once had a garage that I could be at all proud of. My more than one car garage could actually hold more than one cars. There were some racks for bikes plus I had shelving to keep all our gear organized. It looked awesome. Quickly it all started slipping away. It started by agreeing to keep paint cans in there. Like every one of us were ever using that paint again. After that, it was a slippery slope which led to the first car being parked in the drive. At this point, I did the best to hold the line. Kids happened next plus it was all over. I took the next step toward taking the garage back by contacting our local Heating plus Air Conditioning guy. I had them put an exhaust fan in the exterior wall to pull the horrible aromas out of the garage. It worked like a charm. Now, I have to build off this first small step. At least I can stay inside the garage for more than an hour at a time now.



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