Heating and A/C Systems At Commercial Pools Are Crazy

I remember this a single time I used to work as the lifeguard at a local gym’s pool.

  • It was a pretty good job, because i could use the gym or swim whenever i wanted, especially before or after a shift.

Those were some of the best work mornings of our life. The only complications I ever had were pretty small, then one of them was that lots of the swimmers would always complain that the water in the pool was either too moderate or too cool. The swimmers that would do loads of laps entirely fast would want it cooler, plus basically everybody else wanted it warmer. I was in charge of the temperature control, however i wish i was not. I could not keep everybody glad plus everybody would complain, as you can imagine, a commercial pool does not use a boiling water boiler or something like that to heat the water. The oil furnace was an high-priced electric heat pump that heated the water with coils! So I could heat up the water abruptly. But then somebody else would want the temperature to go down. Another issue in the pool was always air quality. It would get humid in there if the ducts were not laboring well. Commercial pools have big extractor systems that turn the Heating and A/C ducts into powerful vacuum cleaners. The extractor plan had its own big room. But sometimes it would cut down. If it did it the heating or the cooling plus the air quality would go crazy in a few thirds. I got to assume the Heating and A/C worker that the gym used pretty well because she used to come to fix the plan all the time.
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