HVAC Customer Service is Surprisingly Simple and Pleasant

After buying a current heating in addition to air conditioning system method that was of course pricey, I was presented with a way to get a manufacturer’s rebate on all heating in addition to cooling tune up in addition to free service for the first year of owning this current HVAC system. In order to get this rebate all set up with the HVAC manufacturer, I had to call this customer repair toll free number, which was given to me by the air conditioning system professional. So this morning, I finally decided to make the call to money in our rebate, in addition to get our special HVAC repair system in order. I was not looking forward to dealing with the official headaches when calling most toll free customer repair phone numbers. But, much to our surprise, the person who answered for the heating in addition to air conditioning system was particularly helpful! I absolutely felt care about I was speaking with someone knowledgeable about heating in addition to air conditioning systems, in addition to not some call center where no one knows or cares. The HVAC rep took our name, information regarding our rebate in addition to myself and others set up on the special HVAC repair system quite quickly! I expected to be on the phone going through some crazy call center scripted nonsense with the person on the other end of the phone. It was a real relief that didn’t happen, in addition to got right down to it without suffering through that annoying robot talk. I system to use our HVAC repair system for the first time very soon. I intend to have an HVAC tune up done for the first time on our current HVAC unit.

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