HVAC technology is ever changing

In today’s world of technology everything is always moving so darn fast! You blink and there’s something new on the market that was not technologically possible the day before. This goes triple for anything having to do with heating and air conditioning. The heating and air conditioning technology is changing so fast! It seems like it was just overnight that there was radiant heated floors invented for heating! I swear the day before it was like this wasn’t even possible! Then you have all these programmable thermostats and other things related to your central heating and air conditioning system that just blows my mind! I was just telling my friend the other day how amazing the whole advancement of heating and air conditioning technology was. He actually did not realise it either. And again, when you think about it it is rather mind blowing. I have upgraded most of my heating and air conditioning equipment in my house through the times. About the only thing I do not have as of yet is one of those smart thermostats. I just have not felt the need for one of those things. I may actually get one in the future if I end up upgrading my central heating and air conditioning system once more. But I am not sure when that will be or if I will actually update the central heating and air conditioning system again. Of course if they come up with something amazing, then I will for sure! So I guess anything is actually possible in this world when it comes to HVAC technology.


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