I expected the AC to be working at my tropical resort

When you spend a lot of money to go on a holiday, you easily want everything to be perfect.

You want your holiday to be filled with comfort & family time, & most of all, you want your family to have fun.

Last year, I paid a sizable deposit to travel to this tropical island with warm temperatures. I did not worry about the warm temperatures that would obviously be present, because I knew that there would be a fantastic A/C system in my resort. The travel agent that I worked with told me that there would not be a complication with the warm temperatures because my hotel was supposed to be genuinely high tech when it came to their HVAC systems. The resort boasted of having genuinely the best A/C on the whole island, & so I wasn’t worried about being too warm for the two weeks that I was supposed to be there on holiday. Of course, as luck would have it, when I arrived, there was a horrible heat wave happening. The warm temperatures were in the high nineties from the moment I stepped off the plane until I left again. I was thrilled to get to the nice, air conditioned rooms in the hotel! Unluckily, when my taxi pulled up to the hotel parking lot, there was a commercial HVAC truck parked out front of the lobby doors. This was a bad sign, because I found out that the A/C for the entire hotel was out & the HVAC supplier was not able to fix it for several mornings.

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