I got locked inside the furnace room for hours

I couldn’t believe that I managed to get myself locked into a furnace closet for hours. I shouldn’t have been near the furnace anyway. My parents weren’t home, and I was playing hide and seek with my brother and sister. I am the oldest, and I hated losing to my brother and sister. I was usually the best at finding new hiding places that they couldn’t locate, but once I used one of the hidest places, it would never work again. That is why I decided to hide in the furnace closet. I have never tried to hide in the furnace closet before, and I figured that it would be perfect. It wasn’t normally locked, but I figured that I would lock the door to the furnace closet so that they would think that it was always locked. Unfortunately, I learned why the furnace closet door was never locked. The locking mechanism was broken> You could lock the furnace room inside, but it was a broken handle. Once you lock the furnace door, you can’t unlock it from the inside. They put the door handle there because it was just a broken extra. Since I was hiding in the furnace closet, my siblings never found me, but that was a bad thing. Eventually, they found me, but they couldn’t figure out how to get me out of the furnace room. I had to wait until my parents got home, and they were upset. Now, there is no handle on the furnace room, and we have been banned from that area.

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