I just wanted working AC in my hotel room

When you spend your own money to go on holiday, you want everything to go as planned.

You want your holiday to be full of comfort and relaxation and most of all, you want everyone around you to enjoy themselves.

Last year, I spent a lot of money to go to this tropical island with a hot climate. I did not really worry about the high temperatures that were frequent there, because I knew that there would be a wonderful a/c plan in the resort that I was going to stay at. The travel agent that I worked with told me that there would not be an issue with the hot temperatures because my resort was supposed to be undoubtedly the best when it came to the Heating & Air Conditioning system. They boasted about having the greatest a/c on the entire island, so I wasn’t worried about being too hot during the time that I had planned there. Of course, as luck would have it, when I arrived there was a really horrid heat wave taking place. The hot temperatures were hitting the high nineties from the moment that I stepped foot off the plane. I was very excited to get to the cool, air conditioned rooms in the hotel! Unluckily, when my cab pulled into the hotel parking lot, there was a commercial Heating & Air Conditioning truck sitting in front of the front doors. That was a terrible sign, because I found out that the air conditioning for the entire hotel was out and the Heating & Air Conditioning company wasn’t able to be repaired for days.


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