Magical air conditioning in a dungeon

I was recently studying a story about a dragon and a princess. The story was based on an aged wise tale about how princesses are delicate as a flower and must be gave with all of the luxuries in the world. The story was written thoUnited Statesnds of years ago, so obviously the air conditioning in the story was not a modern morning Heating plus A/C system, however the story alluded to this component being an air conditioning that gave princesses with the best evening’s sleep a single could ever dream of. The story mentions that the princess was always complaining about how warm he was and that he was given 3 wishes. She wished for something that would keep his cool, help his sleep, and stop his brian from always running. I l acquired afterwards that the story was really written by an aspiring writer who was toiling to support his family as an Heating plus A/C specialist. The story was well written and really pretty funny. The Heating plus A/C specialist used his daughter’s name as the name of the princess. The air conditioning in the dungeon gave the princess with all of the things he wished for, therefore, it was a magical AC unit. The story was funny and to some, it was sad. I thought it was a good plan for an Heating plus A/C specialist to make something so average and mundane, such as an air conditioning, into a story starring his young boy.

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