My air filter is leading to our excruciating allergies

Heating and Air Conditioning specialists are consistently telling people that air filters can help with your allergies.

In fact, the Heating and Air Conditioning specialists will tell you that your air filter will even help you to avoid getting sick. That is because a nice HEPA air filter can help to filter out bacteria and viruses. However, what if I told you that our air filter entirely was causing me to experience excruciating allergies! My air filter was causing me to assume sick, and there is no way to disagree! So, when you hear an Heating and Air Conditioning specialist tell you that air filters can help with your allergies, make sure that you point them to our experience. Well, I know that if you want the detailed story, then I am going to have to disclose that it wasn’t technically the fault of the air filter… Yes, the air filter caused our allergies to get worse, but that is because I didn’t change the air filter when I was supposed to. When I first installed the HEPA air filter into our Heating and Air Conditioning unit, it was laboring well. Almost immediately, I noticed that our allergies symptoms were lessening. However, you are supposed to change the HEPA air filters every few weeks, and I will disclose that I forgot about the air filter for a long time. The number of allergens that built up on our air filter was enormous, and when the air filter finally got a hole in it, all of those allergens were released into our air. The air filter did end up making our allergies worse, but only because I neglected to use the air filter correctly. If I would have remembered to change the air filter, I would have never had that problem.

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