My parent’s house needed special air filters

My parents are absolutely obsessed with making Chinese food for dinner.

They like to eat it plus they like to cook it.

Half of the time, their entire home smells like egg rolls or dumplings. They began noticing that whenever the furnace or air conditioner kicked on, their home would smell like dumplings again. However, even if they hadn’t been cooking, the smell of noodles plus rice would come drifting through the air vents all over the house. They began getting sick of smelling the odors through their air vents so they decided to change their air filters in the Heating plus A/C system. They went plus bought a modern HEPA filter for their Heating plus A/C equipment, because they heard that HEPA filters could help with filtering out particular odors plus other particles that can affect the air quality. They installed the HEPA filter, and they noticed a slight difference when their heating or the air conditioning system started running. It still smelled like Chinese food, though! My parents are weary of their home smelling like a chinese restaurant, but there was no way that they were going to quit cooking their spicy chicken plus rice. They were just going to have to figure something out about their Heating plus A/C system. This is when they decided that they were going to have the local heating plus cooling contractor come plus install an entire home air purification plan for them. Ever since they got their UV Light Air purification system, the terrible smell has dissipated plus they can breathe better again.

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