Old Cabin Gets New Winter Life With HVAC Upgrade

My family has a cabin which lies almost dead in the middle of the most beautiful country you could imagine.

I have been going there since I could crawl.

Yet, everytime I roll up, I am just blown away at how beautiful it all is. I can’t believe how fortunate I am to be able to have this place in my life. I guess I should thank my great, great grandfather because he was the one that staked the claim and built the original structure. However, over the generations, that original structure has evolved. The cabin has been added on to by each subsequent generation. The place now can sleep at least 15 people comfortably. There was once only a wood stove for heating so, that left all but the hardiest of my relatives out during the winter. I always found it to be quite thrilling being out there and having to chop wood for our heat. It was much different than simply moving the HVAC thermostat setting. Now that my parents are gone, I am sort of the caretaker of the cabin. I live the closest so we took a vote and I’m it. I have been hearing from my family that the cabin would be a lot more comfortable if we put in HVAC. Since we have electricity out there now, I thought perhaps it was a good idea to add some modern heating and cooling. Next weekend, I’m meeting my cousin out there to install a mini split ductless HVAC unit. Well, actually we are going to install 3 of them throughout the structure. We all chipped in and this way, more people can go out during the winter to take in all that nature.

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