Our hotel didn’t have AC for a few days

When you pay a big chunk of currency to go on vacation, you want everything to go smoothly.

You want the vacation to be full of enjoyment and family time, and most of all, you want everyone with you to enjoy themselves too.

My wife and I paid a huge deposit to visit this tropical island in sizzling weather conditions. The two of us didn’t worry about the hot temperatures, because we assumed that we knew there would be great air conditioning in the resort rooms. The travel agent that the two of us worked with told us that there wouldn’t be any issues with the hot temperatures because our resort was supposed to be one of the best when it came to their Heating and Air Conditioning systems. The resort bragged about having the legitimately best air conditioner on the entire island, and so the two of us weren’t concerned about being too sizzling hot for the week that we were traveling. Of course, as things would have it, when the two of us arrived, we knew something was going on. The hot temperatures were hovering ninety degrees from the moment that the two of us stepped off the plane. My wife and I were super excited to get into our nice, air conditioned room inside the hotel. Unfortunately, when our taxi pulled up to the hotel, there was a commercial Heating and Air Conditioning truck parked out front of the lobby doors. That was an exhausting sign. My wife and I discovered that the a/c for the entire hotel was out and the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation was going to need a few days to fix it.

Air conditioner tune-up

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