Pageant fitness class at the local gym

My little sister Brittany is a pageant girl all the way.

From the time she was little she was competing in various beauty pageants.

Her dream is to win Miss America. When she was young, it was all about her talent. She practiced baton for hours and my mother saved to get her the cutest outfits. Now that my sister is older, she has to worry about her appearance more. My sister has her hair highlighted, long and conditioned daily. She has long, clean nails and a tan year round. I have been on my sister that she really needs to get in shape. The girls she competes with are more than just thin, they actually look toned. I found online that there is a personal training gym that offers pageant fitness classes. A personal trainer works with a pageant girl to make her toned. They tone abs, legs and arms. It is for making the woman strong, but also muscles that look good but also feminine. Beauty pageants girls can’t be jacked or look like Linda Hamilton in The Terminator. They need to still look like women, just women who work out. My sister doesn’t want to do the fitness training class by herself though. I don’t really want to do a fitness course all about glamour muscles. I wonder if I can work with the personal trainer and get a different experience than my sister is getting. We could attend the class together, but work on separate things. Hopefully they do that, otherwise my sister Brittany won’t go.

Semi-Private Fitness Training

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