The race to who can get in shape first

My friend Skyler is a one upper. She always has to be the best at everything. When we were in college it was a fight to have the best grades, boyfriend and car. After school was out it turned into who can have the best house, husband and job. Now that we have already completed and had kids, it has been difficult for her to pick something else. What do you compete at in your 50s? Well my buddy figured it out and it is a new battle between us. The fight is to see who is in the best shape. Skyler has been telling me all about these yoga and cross fit classes she does. She’s been wearing tight clothes and boasting about how in shape she is. I just don’t see it. Her butt looks a little wide and she still has softness around the middle. I think I can actually win this fight. There is a core progression near me that offers group fitness training classes. I can take the class a few days a week with a personal trainer. I don’t know what I am doing fitness wise, but a personal trainer will. The gym also offers nutritional counseling to give you a diet plan. This will further help you along with weight loss. I am hoping that the fitness center can help me cut back weight and also tone up my body. I would love to beat my friend in the looks department. Living near a core progression does give me an advantage too. The gym is known for offering superior fitness classes.



Cross fit classes

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