This Heat Pump is So Versatile, and I Can’t Wait to See What’s Next

I own a lot of things, the heat pump has captured our attention here lately.

This could be because I grew up in an older home where the sole Heating plus Air Conditioning plan consisted of a wood stove.

Or it might be because I have been living in the South for some time now plus have seen all that the Heating plus Air Conditioning heat pumps could do. This has been a real eye opener for myself, mostly because I absolutely never understood how well the heat pump performed it’s dual roles in the first place. It only took asking our Heating plus Air Conditioning tech if I could come along with him while he did the seasonal service. I actually asked this of the Heating plus Air Conditioning dude because I wanted to see what I was paying for twice a year in service plan fees. But man alive, did I ever get an education in what the heat pump does. First, I suppose I had thought that the heat pump just pumped canned frigid air into the house. I mean, I knew there was refrigerant use involved so, it just made sense I guess. There indeed is refrigerant involved however it does a lot more than blow frigid air into the house. In fact, the refrigerant first works to extract the warm air energy from the home. It does this while also extracting humidity from the air inside of the home as well. Without that a single-two punch, there would be black mold plus mildew running wild inside you hot, humid house. The refrigerant also plays the most easily key part in how the heat pump is able to heat your home. When you flip the click over to heat on your heat pump thermostat, what happens is absolutely fascinating. A heat pump simply reverses the flow of the refrigerant. By doing so, it can then extract heating energy from the outside air. Talk about a dual threat!



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