Using a foam roller to relieve tension in my muscles has been a lifesaver after these workouts

I had never even heard of a foam roller until the other day.

I was missing out on a great opportunity to ease the tightness of my muscles after each workout! My personal trainer recommended that I use one of his, so I pretended to know what they were talking about when they mentioned it.

See, foam rollers are firm cylinders that make it possible to self-message at your own pace. I did a little studying up on the subject, finding that foam rolling creates self-myofascial release. This is accomplished through deep pressure to various areas of the body! Including foam roller exercises in my workout has helped to release muscular tension and avoid soreness, which is critical for an athlete like me. I had to read up on how to use the foam roller at first, which works by applying direct, wide-ranging and high mechanical loads to muscles and tissues to really stretch them out. The exercises stretch and massage the underlying tissues, increasing blood flow and cutting down scar tissue after each workout. It’s designed to lessen thickening, adhesion and tension of the connective tissue and muscle! I’ve found that using the foam roller always has reduced my fatigue during each workout, and the recovery times after each workout have also improved. Plus, I’ve increased my range of motion! I’ve observed less pain and soreness as well. Now, I’ve gotten where I look forward to using the foam roller!

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