Youth fitness for my soccer team

I am the middle school soccer coach, unwillingly.

We are a small school system with very little sports that always lose.

Nobody wants to coach a losing team and get ridiculed by the parents. If nobody takes a coaching spot, the sport is no longer offered. I got suckered into coaching soccer by my sons. I know nothing about the sport. I don’t know how to run practice at all. I need some time to research, get advice and then come up with a plan on how to teach the kids. In the meantime, I had an idea on what to do with the kids. My brother owns a personal training gym that offers youth fitness classes. A personal trainer works with an athletic team to get them into shape and tone muscles they don’t use in the sport. Typically the personal trainer does winning teams from bigger schools. My brother was willing to cut me a break on the cost and I had the kids fundraise for their spot at the gym. Three times a week the kids are working with a personal trainer. The team loves it and it has really brought them closer together. They have enjoyed competing with one another, trying out the new machines and impressing their trainer. I figure only good things can come from having an in shape team. Also I now will have a team that has exercises, warmups and stretches. This is all thanks to the fitness center. Maybe we will actually win due to these classes. First, I should teach them a thing or two though.

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