Zone controlled Heating & Air Conditioning was the only way to go

When my roommate & I first started living together, it felt care about heaven.

We had so much in usual & agreed with almost everything.

It’s care about we were siblings, but despite our similarities we did have our fair share of differences & a single of the most evident of these was the difference in our temperature preferences. She was a northern guy, & was used to the freezing & heavy snow. I, on the other hand, was a southern woman with a care about for the hot Summer weather. Warm heat reminded me of where I grew up & how I used to regularly play in the sun. We both wanted the temperature control set to our ideal temperature preferences, which for me was around 72 degrees & for him, 60 degrees. A full 20 degree difference in temperature! It led to some fights that we unquestionably shouldn’t have had. Then we tried to repair it by simply having the temperature to my liking when she isn’t beach house & vice versa. This didn’t turn out as occasionally our schedules overlapped & it caused the heating & cooling bills to be through the roof! We decided to look into some options that we thought could help both of us & what we found was a zone controlled Heating & Air Conditioning. It would allow us both to be able to set our own hot & cold temperatures in bizarre parts of the house. I did as much digging as I could to learn all about zone control. We both split the difference & had a heating & cooling professional come out & install our brand up-to-date zoned Heating & Air Conditioning. We haven’t had any problems since.


Geothermal heat pump

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