A simple adjustment ot my porch solves the issue of constant accidents

I hate it when morning light savings happens and it hastily gets dark out in the afternoon when I wake up to go to work. It’s disorienting & it makes it harder for my brain to wake up with the lack of sunlight. The melatonin in your brain is active when it’s dark out; the morning light at day break is crucial for your cognitive stamina. One afternoon I was coming out of the front door too quickly plus tripped coming down the stairs at the end of the porch. I twisted my ankle and cut the skin on my arm. It was a scary experience, especially since I almost hurt myself worse than I did. When I was at the doctor getting my brace, he asked myself and others if there was a railing on my porch, especially adjacent to the staircase. I was embarrassed to divulge that’s why I felt plus disfigured myself, despite the fact that he simply urged myself and others to get a commercial fencing supplier to make it safe for me. He was distraught that I would inadvertently hurt myself again if I wasn’t careful enough coming in plus out of my house. I took his advice seriously plus instantly called a few fencing upgrade companies to see how much the project would cost. If I hadn’t disfigured myself, I would have made the porch railing myself, although I had no choice but to hire the help. To my delight, the commercial fence supplier did a phenomenal job plus put railing around my entire front plus back porches. They did a better job than I could ever do on my own with my intermediate level craftsmanship skills. Now I don’t have to worry about losing my balance coming down my porch steps whenever I leave my condo or when I return.

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Getting into a healthy lifestyle

I lost weight, toned my muscles and increased my stamina

During the quarantine, I put on 20 pounds. All the gyms were closed, so I wasn’t able to workout like I used to. I started going for walks around the neighborhood for exercise. I gradually added in squats, push ups, lunges and ab crunches every afternoon. However, I still wasn’t losing the extra weight. I checked out some workout videos online. I wasn’t impressed with those. I needed to burn more calories to target the fat and tone my muscles. I started to get really discouraged. I realized I’d been eating badly. I was getting a lot of takeout. I wasn’t making the healthiest choices for my meals. In order to lose weight, I needed to make some changes. Fortunately, the local grocery store was still open for business and I was able to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Instead of ordering delivery for my meals, I switched to cooking for myself. I focused on portion control and healthier options. I also started running. Four days a week, I laced up my sneakers and ran between three and six miles. I bought myself a jump rope and found an app that provides guided jumping workouts. It also tracks progress, which is a great motivator. Whenever I needed to run errands, I chose to ride my bike. I have a basket on the bike that allows me to buy quite a few things. It wasn’t long before I started to see progress. I lost weight, toned my muscles and increased my stamina. I felt great. Now that the gyms are opened back up, I’ve continued my healthier lifestyle.


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Expanding my workouts

I have been lifting weights for many years.

I like lifting weights. I enjoy the feeling of getting a strenuous pump. I like the way my muscles look after working them hard. I enjoy being in the gym environment and making new friends. When lockdown took place, all of the local gyms closed. I had to figure out another way to keep in shape. I have a selection of dumbbells and a weight bench at home. I was struggling to feel good about the workouts. I wasn’t achieving the intensity I was accustomed to. After some research into online options, I came across a zoom yoga class. I decided to give it a try. Something different sounded good. I felt rather awkward and uncomfortable during the workout. I was surprised by how difficult it was for me. I lacked the balance and flexibility necessary. Even the static holds in the various poses were a challenge. My muscles were sore at the end of it. I was dripping sweat. It got me motivated to improve. I realized that my fitness was lacking in many areas. I started doing yoga every morning. Once the gym opened back up, I was eager to lift weight again. However, I wasn’t willing to give up yoga. I’d gained a lot of progress. I’d targeted new muscles. So while I continue lifting weights, I don’t do it as often. I have signed up for a yoga class, and I’m experimenting with other styles of exercise as well. I’ve tried pilates and spin and am looking forward to HIIT and circuit training.



Getting comfortable at the gym

As part of my new year’s resolution, I decided it was finally time to start working out.

  • I enrolled in a gym membership.

I was proud of myself for taking the first step in improving my health. It was just a financial commitment at first. I knew that following through and achieving my goals would take time and hard work. I gave myself a little boost of confidence by buying new gym outfits, sneakers and a fancy water bottle. When I arrived at the gym for my first training session, I was a bit overwhelmed. The gym is full of so much equipment. I didn’t know what half of it was used for and was unsure where to begin. I knew that I wanted to lose weight. I hoped to tone my muscles and increase stamina. I wanted to look and feel my best and improve my overall health and confidence. My sedentary job and lifestyle were causing me some problems. To start my fitness journey, I stepped onto the treadmill. It seemed pretty self-explanatory. All I needed to do was turn a dial and move my feet. I learned that I couldn’t run for more than a couple of minutes before I needed to slow down for a walk. It was a little embarrassing. However, I went back the next day and the one after that. I gradually worked my way up to running for six straight miles. At that point, I knew I was ready to move onto the elliptical. I’ve since worked my way around the gym, trying out all of the equipment and figuring out what I like best. I’ve gained the confidence to ask for assistance when I need it.


Figuring out how to manage a gym membership

In early January, people tend to get motivated.

  • They decide to head to the local gym and sign up for membership.

Most often, these people are overwhelmed with the selection of machines available to use. They don’t know how or where to start. The amount of choices can be overwhelming and deter people from working out. If a person doesn’t know how to work out effectively and properly, there’s the risk of injury. That can be discouraging. Plus, the wrong style of workout will fail to provide results. People then give up too quickly. The majority of people who sign up for the gym in January are no longer there by the end of February. I think that group fitness classes are a great way to get started. Most gyms offer a selection of types of classes at all different times and days of the week. They offer beginner and advanced levels. The classes are taught by certified professionals who know what they are doing. All you need to do is follow along. Trying different types of classes is a good way to meet new people and figure out what’s right for you. Spin classes are really popular, burn a lot of calories very quickly but are super demanding. It might not be the right fit for a beginner. There are yoga classes geared toward the novice gym member. Yoga focuses on range of motion, strength and balance. There are also pilates, circuit training, HIIT, boot camp and a long list of options. Another idea is the treadmill. Most everyone can manage to walk on the treadmill. It doesn’t take long to build up enough stamina to run. Running provides quick results and allows for improvement.

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Happy with corporate wellness program

I work for a large corporation.

We are offered some great benefits.

There is a nutritional program that we can utilize for free. The break rooms are spacious, well-equipped and clean. One of the best benefits provided by the company is the corporate wellness program. My job is mainly sedentary. I work on a computer for eight straight hours. This lifestyle can lead to some physical problems, such as weight gain, aches and pains. The corporate wellness program includes group fitness classes, wellness programs, personal fitness coaching, crossfit classes, pilates and yoga. The corporate wellness program is staffed by certified professionals. They create a positive environment, motivation and personalized attention. They help my coworkers and I to prioritize our health and physical fitness. The corporate wellness program has proven to be a good investment for our company. It keeps absenteeism and insurance costs low. There have been less sick days taken since this program was implemented. A healthier staff is a more productive workforce. The opportunities cater to every schedule, fitness level and preference. I like the group sessions but sometimes miss them due to a meeting or my workload. I can always arrange to meet up with a personal trainer. I can always get in a great workout at the gym because it’s open 24/7. I have access to all of the latest machines and progressive equipment, lately. I can use the weightlifting equipment or the treadmills, ellipticals or stationary bikes. There are battle ropes and even a rock climbing wall. I like the rowing machines and punching the heavy bag. Now and then I run on the indoor track.


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Personal helps with weight loss goals

The right food provides essential fuel and increases energy levels

I have been overweight since I was a kid. I have attempted to exercise to get in shape. When I would head to the gym, I’d have no clue what I was doing. I’d usually get discouraged and quit. I was reluctant to cancel the gym membership, because I really wanted to lose weight for the sake of my health and quality of life. I finally checked the message board at the gym and looked for the number of a personal trainer. Personal trainers are professionals. A personal trainer designs a fitness program according to the person’s unique needs. They work one-on-one or in small group settings and focus on the individual. This style of workout creates accountability and provides support. This has been very helpful in getting me to the gym several times per week. Without my personal trainer, I would have given up or caused myself injury. My personal trainer pushes me out of my comfort zone yet offers praise and encouragement. While I’m not thrilled about getting weighed or having my BMI measures, I certainly feel good about the progress I’ve made. I like beating my personal best when it comes to weights, reps or times. After the first three weeks, I started to feel like a new person. I started taking my level of fitness seriously. My personal trainer has recently put me on a nutritional program. My new meal plan is designed around my body type, lifestyle and tastes. It’s supposed to help me achieve and maintain a healthy weight. The right food provides essential fuel and increases energy levels. I have seen significant weight loss. After eight weeks of personal training and the nutritional program, I had achieved some major goals.

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The building access control service was wonderful.

When I started working for the law firm, I felt like I was being insulted when I had to show them my ID every morning.

When I finally got my picture taken and the entrance card, I was a bit happier, but not totally.

There was something about the building access control service that rubbed me wrong. The men were friendly enough and I understood their need to check ID, even if I did have a building ID. I just couldn’t understand why they had to ask every time I came in, if I had to go to a different floor. The building access control service noted every person and made sure they were on the list to visit that floor that day. The other day, there was a young man who was supposed to be coming into the building and up to my office. He got into the building and was heading toward the elevator when he was stopped. The security guard asked for his ID and asked where he was going. They asked if he had an appointment and with whom. When he couldn’t remember my name, they called upstairs and asked if I had an appointment with the young man. When I confirmed the appointment, they allowed him to enter the elevator. The kid was still upset when he got to my office and he complained loudly. I told him it was part of the building access control service. They were there to make sure everyone, including him, were safe while in the building. He wasn’t easily placated, and he went on complaining throughout our entire meeting.


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Meal delivery is ideal for divorced dad

When my wife and I first divorced, there was a huge adjustment period.

I set up an apartment and needed to figure out how to handle a household.

I’d never cleaned a bathroom, bought groceries or cooked before. Since I wanted to provide a comfortable home for when my little girls stayed with me, I needed to learn. I asked advice from friends, questioned my mother and read all sorts of blogs. My attempts at cooking were absolutely awful. My skills are limited to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and scrambled eggs. My daughters got sick of that very quickly. For a while, I took them out to eat at various restaurants. That got expensive. I finally came up with a much better alternative. I signed up with a meal delivery service. My daughters absolutely love it. We sit down and go online together. We read through all of the menu choices and make our selections. The options change every week and there’s something to appeal to every preference. My younger daughter is extremely picky, and yet she always finds something she likes. They enjoy picking out what they want to eat for the week. I place the order with a click of the mouse and everything gets delivered right to my apartment door. The instructions are so easy that even I can follow them. I don’t need to do anything beyond preheating the oven and baking the meals. Having the meal delivery service avoids the hassle of grocery shopping, eliminates me trying to cook and ensures that my girls get well-balanced meals.

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Meal delivery makes up for my inability to cook

I can’t cook a decent meal.

I’ve made an effort to learn how to cook. I’ve watched cooking shows. I’ve bought cook books and read blogs. Even when I follow a recipe to the letter, the food doesn’t turn out. I either under-cook or overcook everything. I mix up ingredients or forget something. I’ve tried cooking everything from soups to desserts, and it’s always awful. I finally got frustrated with the effort. I didn’t want to force my family to eat my cooking. A friend of mine suggested that I consider a meal delivery service. I did some research online and found several services available in my local area. I was surprised by how reasonable the prices are. When I add up how much I was spending on groceries and the time involved with cooking and cleaning up, the delivery service makes perfect sense. I read reviews, and everyone seemed really impressed with the quality of the food. I now go online over the weekend and select what my family will get for dinner for the week. The menu is really diverse and it changes slightly every week. We get a family-sized meal packaged so that all I need to do is bake it. There is an entree as well as sides and plenty to satisfy my whole family. I know that we’re getting a balanced meal, and everything is delicious. There’s no messy pots and pans for me to scrub. I no longer need to feel bad about my lack of culinary expertise. I can focus on things I’m good at.



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