Expanding my workouts

I have been lifting weights for many years.

I like lifting weights. I enjoy the feeling of getting a strenuous pump. I like the way my muscles look after working them hard. I enjoy being in the gym environment and making new friends. When lockdown took place, all of the local gyms closed. I had to figure out another way to keep in shape. I have a selection of dumbbells and a weight bench at home. I was struggling to feel good about the workouts. I wasn’t achieving the intensity I was accustomed to. After some research into online options, I came across a zoom yoga class. I decided to give it a try. Something different sounded good. I felt rather awkward and uncomfortable during the workout. I was surprised by how difficult it was for me. I lacked the balance and flexibility necessary. Even the static holds in the various poses were a challenge. My muscles were sore at the end of it. I was dripping sweat. It got me motivated to improve. I realized that my fitness was lacking in many areas. I started doing yoga every morning. Once the gym opened back up, I was eager to lift weight again. However, I wasn’t willing to give up yoga. I’d gained a lot of progress. I’d targeted new muscles. So while I continue lifting weights, I don’t do it as often. I have signed up for a yoga class, and I’m experimenting with other styles of exercise as well. I’ve tried pilates and spin and am looking forward to HIIT and circuit training.



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