Getting into a healthy lifestyle

I lost weight, toned my muscles and increased my stamina

During the quarantine, I put on 20 pounds. All the gyms were closed, so I wasn’t able to workout like I used to. I started going for walks around the neighborhood for exercise. I gradually added in squats, push ups, lunges and ab crunches every afternoon. However, I still wasn’t losing the extra weight. I checked out some workout videos online. I wasn’t impressed with those. I needed to burn more calories to target the fat and tone my muscles. I started to get really discouraged. I realized I’d been eating badly. I was getting a lot of takeout. I wasn’t making the healthiest choices for my meals. In order to lose weight, I needed to make some changes. Fortunately, the local grocery store was still open for business and I was able to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Instead of ordering delivery for my meals, I switched to cooking for myself. I focused on portion control and healthier options. I also started running. Four days a week, I laced up my sneakers and ran between three and six miles. I bought myself a jump rope and found an app that provides guided jumping workouts. It also tracks progress, which is a great motivator. Whenever I needed to run errands, I chose to ride my bike. I have a basket on the bike that allows me to buy quite a few things. It wasn’t long before I started to see progress. I lost weight, toned my muscles and increased my stamina. I felt great. Now that the gyms are opened back up, I’ve continued my healthier lifestyle.


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