Happy with corporate wellness program

I work for a large corporation.

We are offered some great benefits.

There is a nutritional program that we can utilize for free. The break rooms are spacious, well-equipped and clean. One of the best benefits provided by the company is the corporate wellness program. My job is mainly sedentary. I work on a computer for eight straight hours. This lifestyle can lead to some physical problems, such as weight gain, aches and pains. The corporate wellness program includes group fitness classes, wellness programs, personal fitness coaching, crossfit classes, pilates and yoga. The corporate wellness program is staffed by certified professionals. They create a positive environment, motivation and personalized attention. They help my coworkers and I to prioritize our health and physical fitness. The corporate wellness program has proven to be a good investment for our company. It keeps absenteeism and insurance costs low. There have been less sick days taken since this program was implemented. A healthier staff is a more productive workforce. The opportunities cater to every schedule, fitness level and preference. I like the group sessions but sometimes miss them due to a meeting or my workload. I can always arrange to meet up with a personal trainer. I can always get in a great workout at the gym because it’s open 24/7. I have access to all of the latest machines and progressive equipment, lately. I can use the weightlifting equipment or the treadmills, ellipticals or stationary bikes. There are battle ropes and even a rock climbing wall. I like the rowing machines and punching the heavy bag. Now and then I run on the indoor track.


Wellness and fitness

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