I didn't agree with the first opinion so I called someone else

I heard a strange sound coming from the furnace, so I decided to contact a repair service.

It was already late in the season and the repair service prices were through the roof.

I spoke with the owner of the furnace repair company and he agreed to come to the house and evaluate the problems with the furnace. The repair technician that came to the house actually spent about 15 minutes looking at the furnace and then he told me that the machine needed to be replaced. I was a little upset that the technician didn’t take a longer amount of time to evaluate the system and I was very worried that he wanted me to spend more money than necessary. I paid a $99 fee for the estimate, because I did not have the company replace the furnace. Instead, I decided to call another company for a second opinion. I didn’t agree with the first opinion, so I called someone else. I called another company that handles the same type of repairs and I told them that I was hoping to get a second opinion. They agreed to give me another opinion at no cost. The technician from the second company spent about 30 minutes looking at the furnace and he had the exact same opinion. I guess the first technician knew exactly what he was talking about, but it still didn’t hurt to get a second opinion and another estimate for the thermos replacement costs. It’s hard to trust an expert, especially when the news is bad and the estimate is high.

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