I left my phone sitting by the furnace

I was working on a furnace repair this morning, and I left my phone at the customer’s house.

I know the phone was sitting by the furnace, because that is the last place that I remember having it.

When I got back to the office, I called the customer and left a message on her voicemail. She did not return my call. A few hours later, I called a second time. I left an additional voicemail and urged the customer to return my call. I didn’t hear anything and at the end of the day I decided to drive back to the house. I knocked on the door and the customer answered. She looked very surprised to see me, despite the fact that I had made several calls throughout the day. I told the customer that I left my phone sitting by the furnace. She argued with me that the phone could not be in the garage, because she did not hear it ring at all during the day. I asked a customer if I could check for my phone, and she hesitated but said yes. I didn’t see the phone sitting where I left it earlier that day and I was starting to feel hopeless. I decided to call the phone one last time, just in case it was still inside of the area where the furnace was located. I heard the faint ringing of my ringtone, but the sound wasn’t coming from the garage. I walked into the house and the phone was sitting on a shelf in the kitchen. I grabbed the phone and told the customer that it belongs to me. She didn’t say anything as I walked out of the house.

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