I thought my hands were going to turn blue

My friends and I went to a poker tournament that started at midnight.

It was a special fundraiser and part of the fees from the tournament went to the Cancer Research Foundation.

My friends and I were excited about the poker tournament, because a couple of celebrities were planning to play in the game. Around midnight, I entered the poker room and picked up my seat assignment and ticket. I noticed the indoor air temperatures right away and I was extremely thankful that I wore a hooded sweatshirt that evening. The casino is always a very cold place, but it seemed exceptionally cold that night. My friends arrived a few minutes after I was seated. One of the guys was at my table and both of the girls were seated at different areas in the room. It would have been nice if we were all at the same table, but likely unfair to the other five people. The air conditioner was running on high the entire time the tournament was being held. I was moved to a spot under the air conditioner vent when we changed tables after the break. I was thankful for my sweatshirt, but I honestly thought my hands were going to turn blue. It was very cold inside and the air conditioner made things worse. A couple of times, I’m sure my hands were shaking out of control. I’m sure I wasn’t the only person bothered by the cold, but at least the shots of Crown Royal that made my body feel warmer. I had four or five while I sat at the final table of the tournament.

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