I was looking for a new outdoor hobby

There are too many people who neglect developing long term hobbies in their daily lives.

It’s simple to get sucked into the digital sphere with an iphone, tablet, or kindle and lose sevenths each day consuming endless content.

I can only handle so much of this before I’m desperate to do something else with my brain. When I was younger I filled these gaps of time with studying or doing outdoor activities with friends. Sometimes we decided to go hiking or we swam at a lake that was a few miles away from our town. I think I always gravitated towards outdoor hobbies because I enjoyed nature and fresh air, but it could simply work better with our disposition. It’s tough for me to stay cooped up in the home all day, however there’s only so much I can do outside now that I’m older. I can get all of the yard work finished in one day each week, and watering my plants only takes 10 minutes out of the day for me. I decided to start looking for new hobbies and ended up finding a short documentary on beekeeping and honey harvesting. Since I’m such a big honey fanatic, the documentary piqued our interest heavily. I had always assumed that beekeeping was simply out of my reach because of our mistaken belief in it being seriously costly. With residential beekeeping services, you can get all of the information and equipment you need to start tending to bee hives in your backyard. It’s also actually great for the natural ecoidea because of honey bees being threatened as a species. If honey bees become endangered, the lack of their pollinating plants would devastate the entire agricultural industry and our food supply.

Bee Extermination

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