It didn’t take a genius to come to that conclusion.

I knew I was having a problem with the air conditioning unit.

I had been hearing odd noises for almost two weeks now, and it was only getting worse.

I knew I wasn’t getting the air conditioning my thermostat was calling for. The AC unit was running constantly, but it was still overly warm and humid in the house. My husband had called the HVAC company and told them we needed to have the air conditioning unit inspected and repaired. He then told them what was going on. The HVAC tech on the other end told him it sounded like the air conditioning unit wasn’t working properly. My husband got off the phone, and he was not happy. He told me the man would be there to repair the air conditioning unit the next day. He also said it may take him a while to get there so we couldn’t leave the house. I had to laugh at his expression, but he didn’t think it was funny. I heard some of the conversation, but not all of it, and I had to ask what the HVAC told him. He said the HVAC tech said the air conditioning unit was probably broken. He also told me it didn’t take a genius to come to that conclusion, and he stormed out the house. I certainly hoped it wasn’t the same HVAC tech showing up the next day that he talked to on the phone. I was afraid my husband would not be very nice to him. He didn’t talk well to people who ‘joked’ with him this way.


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