It was hard to be the only female employee for the last year

A year ago, I was hired by a nationally known heating company to consult on boiler repairs.

I had lots of letters of recommendation and the job was a pretty nice position with benefits, salary, and a 401K.

Unfortunately, I was the only female employee in the entire building until last month. It was difficult being the only woman especially in a male dominated field like HVAC repair services. I was uncomfortable in the beginning and a little worried about my position. Luckily, I work with a great group of guys and they gave me a lot of respect. I was anxious to hire another woman to work on the boiler repair crew, and I have been sifting through lots of different candidates looking for the right person to hire. I finally found someone that will fit into our group and she comes with a great deal of excellent recommendations as well. I am excited to see how she will work out. She starts next week and she is going to train with me for a few days so I can show her the ropes and introduce her to our crew and our clients. If she is as skilled as her resume would suggest, she will be out in the field working alone in no time at all. That will free me up to go back to doing what I do best. That is advertising and sales. I have grown the company by 30% since I was hired a year ago. I don’t get a lot of respect from the men, but the female business owners love working with me.
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