It would have taken 2 extra days for the bigger AC

When my wife and I decided to buy a new AC unit for the living room, we took our time with the decision. We knew it was going to be an expensive purchase and we absolutely wanted an AC unit that would last another 10 years. My wife and I knew we would only be living in the house for another 10 years and after that it would be the responsibility of the new homeowner to buy another AC unit or install central AC. Either way, it wasn’t going to be my responsibility after my wife and I retired. When we finally decided on the make and model of the AC unit that we chose, we found out that it was going to take two extra days. My wife and I waited a long time to make our decision and we were ready to buy the AC unit. Another model was available at that time and it was ready to ship. It was only a 12,000 BTU AC unit instead of an 18,000 BTU AC. It was on sale and the shipping was free and next day delivery was included. My wife and I decided to change our mind and get a smaller machine. That was a really big mistake, and I am kicking myself everyday. It only would have taken two extra days for the bigger AC unit, and we spent a long time making our decision. We should have waited the extra days instead of being impatient for the shipping. The 18,000 BTU unit would have been much nicer and cooled the house much better than the one that we purchased.


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