Meal delivery is ideal for divorced dad

When my wife and I first divorced, there was a huge adjustment period.

I set up an apartment and needed to figure out how to handle a household.

I’d never cleaned a bathroom, bought groceries or cooked before. Since I wanted to provide a comfortable home for when my little girls stayed with me, I needed to learn. I asked advice from friends, questioned my mother and read all sorts of blogs. My attempts at cooking were absolutely awful. My skills are limited to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and scrambled eggs. My daughters got sick of that very quickly. For a while, I took them out to eat at various restaurants. That got expensive. I finally came up with a much better alternative. I signed up with a meal delivery service. My daughters absolutely love it. We sit down and go online together. We read through all of the menu choices and make our selections. The options change every week and there’s something to appeal to every preference. My younger daughter is extremely picky, and yet she always finds something she likes. They enjoy picking out what they want to eat for the week. I place the order with a click of the mouse and everything gets delivered right to my apartment door. The instructions are so easy that even I can follow them. I don’t need to do anything beyond preheating the oven and baking the meals. Having the meal delivery service avoids the hassle of grocery shopping, eliminates me trying to cook and ensures that my girls get well-balanced meals.

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