Meal delivery makes up for my inability to cook

I can’t cook a decent meal.

I’ve made an effort to learn how to cook. I’ve watched cooking shows. I’ve bought cook books and read blogs. Even when I follow a recipe to the letter, the food doesn’t turn out. I either under-cook or overcook everything. I mix up ingredients or forget something. I’ve tried cooking everything from soups to desserts, and it’s always awful. I finally got frustrated with the effort. I didn’t want to force my family to eat my cooking. A friend of mine suggested that I consider a meal delivery service. I did some research online and found several services available in my local area. I was surprised by how reasonable the prices are. When I add up how much I was spending on groceries and the time involved with cooking and cleaning up, the delivery service makes perfect sense. I read reviews, and everyone seemed really impressed with the quality of the food. I now go online over the weekend and select what my family will get for dinner for the week. The menu is really diverse and it changes slightly every week. We get a family-sized meal packaged so that all I need to do is bake it. There is an entree as well as sides and plenty to satisfy my whole family. I know that we’re getting a balanced meal, and everything is delicious. There’s no messy pots and pans for me to scrub. I no longer need to feel bad about my lack of culinary expertise. I can focus on things I’m good at.



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