My kid did great work without good temperature control

I was totally looking forward to the play that our child was in.

It was so exciting on opening night, although I wasn’t too pleased when I stepped into the auditorium.

The school was feeling warm because the heating system was set way too high. I know they were thinking that would be great because it was cold outside, however with everyone who were there watching the play, all that body heat was just too much. You would think the people who were in charge of the HVACl settings would have taken this into consideration, however they did not in the slightest. Still, the children in the play all did remarkably well. You could tell they were up there perspiring like crazy, the people I was with and I all were sweating too. But those kids did their best to make everything work out. It was great when the people I was with and I made the choice to go speak to our kid after the play was over. She was soaked from all the sweat plus she just said how ecstatic she was plus that she wanted to get home plus take a cold shower. I actually couldn’t blame her for that because the people I was with and I all were feeling the gross sweat on our bodies plus it was gross. I was thinking the people I was with and I would go grab food after the play was done, however the people I was with and I made the good choice to go straight home. Our daughter was thankful about the reasonable temperature control settings back at home plus she was the first in the shower. I started cooking dinner for all of us, plus the people I was with and I was able to eat some wonderful food while talking about the hilarious moments in the play.

Heating and cooling equipment

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