Now I write jingles for ad campaigns

Writing a jingle for a local cable commercial was not the direction I saw my songwriting job taking, although I have to roll with it.

Up until now, my “job” has consisted really of unpaid gigs and shows I do for simple exposure, then the only way I make cash is by delivering pizzas.

The mere fact someone is going to pay me cash out of their pocket to make songs is sort of thrilling, even if the process itself isn’t, and my hope is that if I can make this a country sounding tune. If I deliver a memorable little ditty, then it will lead to other commercials in the future; now the problem is to fashion a catchy song about a/c repair, something I guess nothing about. My wife reminded me that songs aren’t even about information, it’s about a feeling, and the feeling for an A/C task should be “cool.” So instead of doing a country/western song, I went with a more chilled, surf sound that would make people guess about cooling. However, when I was alone I got my guitar and I sat in the living room, right under the air vent so the breeze washed over the top of me… I felt cool, from head to toe, and after that I noticed the rumble of the A/C component in the background. There was a rhythm to it, maybe one of the heating, ventilation and A/C components was simply off kilter, I don’t know, although I absolutely used it. I worked with the sound of my a/c, and started riffing, and various hours later I had a catchy 30 minute jingle about air conditioning repair and installation.


Space heater

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