The air smelled like snow.

Did you ever have someone tell you they could smell snow in the air? It was a favorite statement of my mother.

Whenever it got cold and humid, she would take a big whiff of air and say it smelled like snow.

She was happy if we even got a couple of snowflakes. It seemed to make it sound like she knew what she had been talking about. The funny thing is that my mom didn’t like snow when she got older. She worried about slipping and falling. She wore a sweater just in case it got cool in the house. Even before fall arrived, she was reminding me to have the HVAC system cleaned and serviced. I would hear how daddy always called the HVAC company in early September. He wanted nothing to happen to our furnace in the middle of winter. He was always mindful of keeping her and us kids comfortable and safe. As soon as she mentioned having the furnace or air conditioning unit serviced, I would put it on the calendar. I wanted her to know that I had listened and it would be done. She looked at the calendar every day and I didn’t call the HVAC company until she mentioned it again. She would look at the calendar and tell me that today was the day to make the call. While she sat there with me, I would call the HVAC for HVAC inspection, and I would mark it on the calendar. She always wanted to make sure she was up, bathed and dressed, before the HVAC technician arrived. She never wanted to be caught in a less than respectable position.


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