The building access control service was wonderful.

When I started working for the law firm, I felt like I was being insulted when I had to show them my ID every morning.

When I finally got my picture taken and the entrance card, I was a bit happier, but not totally.

There was something about the building access control service that rubbed me wrong. The men were friendly enough and I understood their need to check ID, even if I did have a building ID. I just couldn’t understand why they had to ask every time I came in, if I had to go to a different floor. The building access control service noted every person and made sure they were on the list to visit that floor that day. The other day, there was a young man who was supposed to be coming into the building and up to my office. He got into the building and was heading toward the elevator when he was stopped. The security guard asked for his ID and asked where he was going. They asked if he had an appointment and with whom. When he couldn’t remember my name, they called upstairs and asked if I had an appointment with the young man. When I confirmed the appointment, they allowed him to enter the elevator. The kid was still upset when he got to my office and he complained loudly. I told him it was part of the building access control service. They were there to make sure everyone, including him, were safe while in the building. He wasn’t easily placated, and he went on complaining throughout our entire meeting.


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