The new heater will absolutely help the indoor air temperatures

My wife and I certainly didn’t think that we would ever receive a stimulus from the government.

Even though it was discussed on several occasions, we never thought a check would arrive in the mail.

When we received the large stimulus, we wanted to put the money to good use. The two of us thought of many different ways to use the money and we ended up purchasing a brand new heater for the house. The indoor air temperatures are very cold during the winter and a lot of that reason is due to the age of the heater. The heater was installed in the house years before we bought the place. We have been living here for almost a decade. My wife and I called several different heating companies and talked with the experts about our options. We decided to buy a brand new gas furnace with a 99% AFUE rating. Ninety-nine percent of the energy used by the machine is directly related to creating heat. The gas furnace with a 99% a few rating is one of the best machines that you can buy. My wife and I never would have been able to afford such an extravagant expense, but the extra money from the government made it possible to buy an energy-efficient heating machine that will last a decade or longer. The second stimulus checks were a lot harder to spend, because we really wanted to take a vacation or buy a boat with the money. Of course, we decided to save it for a rainy day instead.


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