The wait staff was a lot nicer than the manager

I insisted that my wife and I go to a brand new restaurant that the newspaper raved about.

My wife didn’t want to go to the restaurant, and she would have rather if we waited a few weeks until it wasn’t busy.

She has a lot of social anxiety and really does not prefer social situations. I talked her into making a change that night and we went to the restaurant a few days after it opened. It wasn’t impressive and the next time that my wife doesn’t want to go somewhere, I am going to listen to her instincts and intuition. The food wasn’t very good, but the biggest problem was actually the indoor air temperatures. Even though the manager said that the air conditioner was running, it absolutely did not feel like there was any cold air coming out of the vents. Even when I went to the restroom, I still didn’t feel any cold air coming from the air conditioner vents. It seemed peculiar that the air conditioner was working perfectly when there was no cold air anywhere in the restaurant. My wife and I spoke with the manager about the problem with the air conditioner and she was very rude and hurt. The wait staff was a lot nicer than the manager. They comped a bottle of wine for my wife and I and gave us desserts to take home that were also free of charge. I doubt my wife and I will ever return to that restaurant again, especially after the terrible experience we had the first time.
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